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World Rights
Emma Wheat & Jim Wheat
Go! Smell the Flowers will appeal for people looking to make a change in their lives; from CEOs to secretaries and armchair travellers. From the Winelands of South Africa to the markets of France; a Machu Picchu proposal, a detox spa and a Buddhist blessing on a Thai beach, it is a journey of discoveries with a surprising and unexpected end.
280pp (John Hunt Publ./O Books)
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World Rights
Sherry Ruth Anderson
RIPENING TIME - Aging with Grace
Sherry Ruth Anderson presents a new perspective on aging. In her latest book, the bestselling author of The Feminine Face of God and The Cultural Creatives invites the reader to engage the aging process through the art of inner inquiry. Giving readrs an indispensable compass, she shows how growing into old age can be a fruition, the genuine grace and gift of human ripening.
174pp (John Hunt Publ./Changemakers Books)
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World Rights
Ani Richardson
In Love or Diet, nutritionist and editor of, Ani Richardson, aims to change your relationship with food, but more importantly, change your relationship with your deepest Self, because when you are willing to courageously look at what you are attempting to stuff down with food, you can begin to heal and shine light on the perceived darkness in our lives, one delicious ray at a time.
220pp (John Hunt Publ./Sassy Books)
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World Rights
Hilary H. Carter
Written by a qualified and experienced yoga teacher, this book explains what the chakras are in a clear and simple way. A thoughtful guide that enables the reader to determine the state of their own chakras through the use of a simple tick list. When your chakras are spinning freely you will experience improved physical, mental and emotional health. Heal your chakras, heal your life.
92pp (John Hunt Publ./Ayni Books)
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World Rights
Mavis Klein
Drawing on her 35 years' experience as an psychotherapist, Mavis Klein elaborates her original theory of five basic personality types, ten compound types, and fifteen ways in which the basic types interact with each other in our relationships to others. She clearly elucidates the behaviours that disguise our often self-induced pains, and how these pains can be transmuted into our greatest talents and joy.
300pp (John Hunt Publ./Psyche Books)
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World Rights
Mavis Klein
Effective communication in everyday life. Using the easily understood vocabulary of Transactional Analysis, Mavis Klein presents a view that will vividly illuminate and clarify all the issues that arise in our everyday communications - from a time-passing chat to a stranger at a bus stop to the most profound conversations with intimate others in our lives.
100pp (John Hunt Publ./Psyche Books)
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World Rights
Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
The Shaman Within explains how our ancient wisdoms can now be employed to tackle the big issues that trouble our minds, ravage our bodies and quash our spirits. The lessons enable us to feel more complete, at one with ourselves, our environment and the universe that created us. This book speaks to all who seek true fulfilment and imparts the tools to achieve it.
276pp (John Hunt Publ./Moon Books)
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World Rights
Ross Heaven
The complete book of shamanic healing. A study course in classical and cross-cultural shamanism, teaching the reader all s/he ever needs to know about shamanism, shamanic healing, soul retrieval, spirit extraction, house cleansing, cleaning the energy body, working with the souls of the dead - and much more.
212pp (John Hunt Publ./Moon Books)
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World Rights
Cissi Williams
7 Spiritual Potions to Heal Your Life. This book shares deep spiritual wisdom helping you to connect more fully with your Soul’s divine guidance and wisdom. It administers 7 Spiritual Medicine Potions that will provide the foundation for a deep inner peace to flow like a healing balm into your life.
112pp (John Hunt Publ./O Books)
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World Rights
Rolf U. Kramer
Putting the core factors of success in management together whilst keeping an eye on everyday reality, the author succeeds in highlighting the very components which play their role not only in professional life but also in one’s family or the planning of one’s personal life. The Future is Yours! is a self-help book about how to make life worth living, be it business or family or private.
126pp (John Hunt Publ./Business Books)
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